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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

My favourite place to take my family, friends would be the extraordinary space that is Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Situated just thirty minutes away from Wakefield town centre, Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a 500 acre open air space in Bretton Monk, which constantly features work included from artists not just from Britain, but the rest of the world. The work on display is both contemporary and classic work, and is spaced across the land, providing the public with the perfect balance of open air, space and artwork in between beautiful greenery. So take a walk around YSP, and take in the breath-taking views.

sculptureIts their 40th anniversary this year, and the park itself welcomes over 400,000 guests annually; a truly impressive feat. A favourite feature of mine is the marvellous temporary exhibitions they do each year. 2015 saw Wave, part of the installation of Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red – the famous ceramic poppy display seen in London. Blood Swept… was a concept which saw 800,000 metallic ceramic poppies created – one to honour each death in the Great War. Wave presented a portion of these poppies to the public at the park – where people queued in length to view the stunning designs. And they truly were a sight.

yorkOr then there was the wonderful exhibition by KAWS in 2016, a personal favourite of mine as I am very much interested in the American artists’ work. The first exhibition in the UK of his work, his monumental work is made from wood, fibreglass and acrylic paint, and the vibrant designs show the stages of growing up, as they stand tall above you.

yspIf you’re ever in the area, or in fact, even if you’re not, Yorkshire Sculpture Park is the place the visit. The park truly encapsulates this wonderful, countryside retreat as a part of Yorkshire, presenting some of the best sculptures from across the whole of the UK, and beyond. A true gem in the county that is Yorkshire.


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