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Why Him?

I have been madly in love with James Franco since I first saw him as a 21-year-old heart throb in my favourite boxset, Freaks and Geeks. So obviously, I was super excited to find out he was releasng a new film. As well as him being (in my opinion) so delightfully good looking, he is a truly brilliant actor, and to see him in a film with Brian Cranston (Walter White from Breaking Bad), I was very much looking forward to seeing what they had to offer.

Why Him? follows Ned (Cranston), a business man who owns Fleming Co., a printing business, slowly going downhill and rapidly losing money. Deciding to take a break from it all, Ned, his wife Barb, and son Scotty, decide to go visit their daughter Stephanie. Whilst there, they meet Stephanie’s billionaire, loud, raucous boyfriend Laird, (Franco).

why-himLaird rubs Ned up the wrong way, something you don’t want to do when meeting your partners parents for the first time! Ned can’t believe his sweet, innocent daughter is in love with someone anything like Laird and refuses to agree when Laird wants to ask for her hand in marriage.

What follows is the lovable, Laird attempting to win over his future father in law. He’s even willing to pay off the mountains of debt that Ned’s company is in. Will Ned warm towards him?

If you’re looking for a slightly silly, full of crude jokes sort of film, this is it. I don’t mean that in negative light, frankly that is what I look for in a comedy – think Superbad and Stepbrothers. It is a laugh a minute sort of film, not faltering throughout, and constantly sustaining the humour where you’re not wishing the film would go quicker. I honestly think another half hour wouldn’t go amiss. Why Him? is definitely one too see this month, come for the heartthrob, stay for the humour. Be excited for the kiss cameo also!

Have you seen Why Him? What were your thoughts? Leave us a comment with what you did/didn’t like about it!

By Gabriella Quine

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