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The Cake Shop in the Garden

cake-shop-in-the-gardenCarole Matthews is on of my favourite authors, and The Cake Shop in the Garden really doesn’t disappoint. I think it is one of her best, which is saying something as I’m a true fan!

Slight warning though, this book will make you want to eat lots of cake and maybe even pick up the baking tins again!

The plot centres on Fay Merryweather, running her cake shop from the beautiful garden. It all sounds idyllic, but the book isn’t all all cakes and sunshine in the Canal Rose garden. With a very difficult mother and a useless sister living in New York, things in Fay’s world are tough. Her life is very hectic and she gets little time to herself. But she accepts this and carries on – I think we can all relate to Fay a little as our many responsibilities pile up!

Fay’s has her wonderful shop assistant Lija, who is probably her only real friendship in the book, and a great vent for the issues she has with long-term partner Anthony. Anthony is no help to Fay’s hectic life, and any spark that was there is long gone.

But then, in walks the very handsome Danny Wilde. He makes Fay reassess her life and question her happiness. Did we mention he’s very handsome?

Suddenly tragedy strikes and Fay’s world is turned upside down. With so many secrets and lies exposed, everything she knew and trusted is in question. Her sister Edie returns (NOT a character you warm to!) She’s very selfish and demanding, and makes our heroine’s life more complicated.

Fay has to find an inner strength to survive. Who will support her? Can she carry on? Will she make the right decisions? Fay is the sort of person who puts everyone else first but its time for her to think about herself and watching her do so is an emotional rollercoaster of laughs, tears and touching moments.

A fantastic easy read, one for the chill out moments needed in life!

By Amanda Bayliss

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