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Relaxing in style

When it comes to a good soak in the tub, everyone has their own routine to help them relax. Whether it’s lighting a few candles, or wrapping your iPad up in cling film  so that you can enjoy your favourite film without it getting wet. However, Excelle have come up with a few gadgets that can make your bath life a little easier.

The Bubble Buddy

Ever wish you could have a glass of wine or bubbly in the bath, and not worry about accidentally spilling it? Well, Bubble Buddy from Prezzybox has you covered!

This gadget is designed to stick to your bathroom tiles using industrial strength double sided foam tape, which creates a strong bond between the tiles and the product. If the Bubble Buddy is no longer needed, you can remove it with a firm pull leaving no damage to your tiles. Once the bond has been broken the tape will have to be replaced in order to re-use the product. Easy Peasy!



Spa Lights

Bring the relaxing atmosphere of a spa right into your tub with Spa Lights from Prezzybox. A hot bubble bath is one of the greatest ways for anybody to wind down after a hard day, and candles create the perfect ambiance with their beautiful glow, but they can also be expensive and not to mention a fire hazard.

These wonderful waterproof lights are equipped with suction cups to adhere onto your bathtub. All you need to do is add some bubbles, play some soothing music and break out those cucumber slices for a lovely spa-like experience.


Inflatable Bath Pillow

Upgrade your bath-time with an inflatable bath pillow. With two suckers that stick to the side of the bath, this washable pillow is the perfect way to relax and unwind. No more folding a towel or having the side of the bath dig into the back of your head as you dose in the tub!

bath pillow


Bath Caddy

Finally the best product to have attached to your bathtub. Bath caddy’s come in all shapes, so make sure you get one that you like the look of. Some even have built in phone or iPad chargers. Catch up on your missed programmes or watch your favourite films while you relax surrounded by bubbles.

bath caddy




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