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Everyone loves a good bubble bath. It’s the one place that you can de-stress. For some people, a bath is the best time for them to read their book and watch TV with a glass of wine or Prosecco; but where do you put your glass when you don’t need it? Where do you rest your gadgets without the risk of them getting them wet? Excelle have put together some bathtub items that we think everyone needs to make their bath more enjoyable. Click on the titles to be taken to the products website.

Bubble Buddy £9.99

Enjoy a tipple in the bath with Bubble Buddy. This delectable gadget is designed to stick to your bathroom tiles using industrial strength double-sided foam tape, which creates a strong bond between the tiles and the product. Don’t worry, the Bubble Buddy can be easily removed with a firm pull leaving no damage to your tiles. However, once the bond has been broken the tape will have to be replaced in order to re-use this product.

Bath Caddy £22

bath caddyIf you are someone who likes to read or watch TV on your iPad, then you need this bath caddy. Handmade from solid wood, this product is finished in a waterproof oak wood stain to protect it from steam and splashes, (it is not recommend that you submerge it in water). With a mini shelf to hold your book or gadgets, a slot to hold your drink and a couple of holders for your candles, this bath caddy is the perfect addition to your relaxation routine.

Bath Shortener £24.94

Bath_ShortenerI was surprised when I found this product, as someone who is only 5ft I struggle to reach the bottom of the bath without slipping under the water, or without sinking lower than I originally wanted too. The Bath Shortener is extremely easy to use and is specially designed to enable shorter people to bathe in maximum comfort and safety. The Bath Shortener is fitted with rubber suckers on the base to allow for easy fitting and to prevent slipping. It does not interfere with water filling or draining and it’s easy to clean.

Spa Polyester Bath Pillow £36.99

bath pillowNow I don’t know about you but I always roll a towel up and place it underneath my head when I go for a soak because let’s face it, the edge of the bath is not comfy, and if you’re short like me, you can’t prop yourself up high enough to get the corner of the bath from stabbing you in the back of the head. However, the Spa Polyester Bath Pillow is designed for comfort and support. With suckers on the back to make sure you don’t have to keep adjusting.


If you already use any of these products or similar, we’d love to know! Please leave us a message in the comment section below!


By Georgie Dias

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