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Q&A with The Pigeon Detectives

The North’s leading metropolitan festival, Live at Leeds is back, showcasing brand new music from some of Leeds new and upcoming artists. The festival will take place on Saturday 29th April from 12pm onwards. Artists that will be performing are Rag n’ Bone man, White Lies and Platinum selling UK band, The Pigeon Detectives, who are also celebrating the release of their brand new album, Broken Glances. Excelle spoke exclusively to band members Jimmi Naylor and Matt Bowman about their new album and Live at Leeds.

What can people expect from you new album, Broken Glances?

Our other albums were always looking out towards what was to come, and what we could achieve in the future. We’ve been going for 10 years now, so this album is more reflective and looking back at the journey we’ve had as oppose to speculating on the adventures to come. Musically the old albums have been quite in your face in terms of sound, whereas this album is quite a mixture. We’ve got quite a big fan base, and we’re very grateful for that. We’ve taken the opportunity in this album to give them a nod. It’s almost a thank you to everyone who’s ever come to see us live or bought a CD.

The Pigeon Detectives - Lose Control - 4 - HI RESHas your taste in music changed?

It’s been 10yrs since we released our first album, and a lot has happened in that time. I think it’s important for us to write different kinds of music because our fans are 10yrs older and our friends are older and listening to different music. I think if we copied the style of the previous albums we’d of been setting ourselves up to fail. We’re quite proud that we’ve tried to challenge ourselves and I think our fan base will listen to it and try and understand what we’ve done.

Apart from creating another album, what have you been up to?

Jim and I have played a lot of golf. Members of the band got married, so we’ve got wives now, and Jim opened up a studio. We all still live quite close to one another, so we spend most of our time in each other’s pockets hanging out. Quite mundane stuff, being in a band is a bit of a hectic and unorthodox lifestyle, so you try to keep things as normal and as boring as possible.

Do you get fed up of each other?

Not really, were friends first, band members second. So we still enjoy each other’s company and a lot of other people won’t relate to the experiences we’ve had, or the ‘in jokes’ we’ve developed over the 10 yrs.

pdAre you looking forward to playing Live at Leeds?

Yeah, if were not playing at LAL, we go out and watch LAL. It’s the best thing we’ve spent the last 10yrs being involved in. It’s a good weekend for us, we all get together as a band, and our wives and girlfriends all hook up, and descend on the city. We’ll play our show, have something to eat and watch the bands like everyone else.

What’s it like working with other aspiring artists?

It’s always exciting. LAL is a good opportunity to see artists that aren’t necessarily big, their locals, and just seeing a lot of bands that you’ve not even heard of its quite inspiring.

Is there any band in particular you’re looking forward to?

Jimmi – I’m looking forward to listening to bands like Wild Beasts their new record is really good.

Matt – I really want to see Howl in a full band scenario, they sound amazing. Also I’m looking forward to watching a couple of bands that we’re taking out on tour with us like The Tiny Minds and The Opera Comic.

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By Georgie Dias

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