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Q&A with Newton Faulkner

What have you been up to since your last album, Human Love?

I played Johnny in addict American Idiot in the theatre, I’ve written six tracks for a film, done a few tours, generally kept myself out of trouble.

What was the inspiration behind that album?

All kinds of things, I try not to rule out any avenue of inspiration when I’m writing. I was listening to a whole bunch of Mongolian and other world music and was definitely writing with festivals in minds.

NewtonFaulkner_HumanLove1500_1250How’s the new album coming along? Can you tell us a bit more about what inspires you for that?

I’m getting there. I’m focusing on things that work as solo performances and using my voice in ways I haven’t used it before at the moment but it’s still early days.

How would you say the sound of your music has changed throughout your career?

Every album’s been a reaction to the last thing I did, in one way or another. The last two in particular are polar opposite ends of the spectrum production wise. I’ve become more comfortable and confident in the space that I occupy in music industry, which means I know do pretty much what ever I feel like which is very freeing musically.

newtonIn the song “Get Free” why did you decide to cut your iconic dreadlocks? And did you think it would cause as much of an uproar in the media as it did? (It could’ve been more shocking, you could’ve just shaved your head)

As I have been asked, in every interview I have ever done, about my hair I thought this time I’d take control of the situation. That video remains one the most stressful experiences of my entire life…would have been a waste of a good hair cut if we didn’t film it though.

Is there any artist/artists in the charts at the moment who you would like to work with?

I think Laura Mvula’s amazing, would love to work with her at some point.

What are you looking forward to the most about coming to sunny Yorkshire and playing Grassington Festival?

I love playing, I love festivals I’ll be very surprised if I don’t have a pretty good day all round.

Will you be sticking around to watch other acts (like Bananarama)?

Yes, I would think so, Depends a little bit on vans and hotels and stuff but I would definitely like to.

20170308_NewtonFaulkner-007What has been your best and most memorable place to tour and why?

The first proper tour on a proper tour bus in the UK will always stick in my mind. It was at that point, I felt @&^% I’m actually doing this!?

Which of your songs means the most to you? Why?

’So Much’ on the second album I wrote about the man that taught me to play the way I do, Eric Roche. That’s definitely up there.

Newton Faulkner by Pip for BMG

Quick Fire Random Questions

What’s your most annoying habit?

According to my son, singing ALL the time-mu

What’s your favourite item on a full English?

Hash Browns

What’s your favourite film trilogy?

Star Wars – The original trilogy

What’s the first album you ever bought? 

Reef, Glow

Interviewed by Georgie Dias

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