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Q&A with Mahatma Raindrop

Mahatma Raindrop are four piece indie band based in Huddersfield, including Jonny Wilkinson (Guitar/Vocals) Luke Steele, (Lead Guitar) Josh Fielden (Bass) and Sam Sutton (Drums). They have been playing together for the past year.

How did you come up with the name Mahatma Raindrop?

Mahatma Raindrop was chosen from two words said at random because we couldn’t decide on a band name. Just a daft spur of the moment type thing!

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you before?

We’ve always struggled to figure out what genre we’d be put into. All our songs take completely different approaches so it’s really diverse and something for everyone! I’d say a cross between Vampire Weekend style indie music crossed with hints of Thin Lizzy!

mahatma raindropHow has 2017 treated you so far?

We had a really busy march! We played a sold out parish show with Courtyards which was a great night. Got through to Leeds with Double Denim which was cool, Double Denim gigs are always great!

How does it feel going from watching your fave bands perform on stage, to being the band on stage? Do you get nervous?

I’m not sure how the other three lads feel about nerves but I never used to get nervous when I was younger because I’d be way too excited to be even playing. Whereas these days it matters so much more to you that nerves to tend to creep in from time to time. Looking at some of my favourite bands when I see them live, I like to try and pickup little bits of stage presence that they have to try and improve mine – Joe Carnall from Milburn being my biggest inspiration for live gigs, his energy is brilliant and I’ve always been a big fan of energetic performances. But no knee slides!

When I was a lot younger i’d look at my favourite bands and want to be in their position, it’s all I ever really wanted to be honest!

What are your plans for 2017?

Our plans for 2017 is to release our album which is currently being mastered, then tour to promote it! We’ll be dropping a single with a video over the next month or so, so keep your eyes peeled for that! We’re very excited to see what the year can bring us really, and we’re excited to bring out these new tracks. We’ll probably be doing a big launch party at Parish in Huddersfield!



Interviewed by Gaby Quine

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