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Q&A with Honeyblood

Honeyblood are a Scottish duo, formed in 2012, made up by Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale (vocals and guitar) and Cat Myers (vocals and drums). Signed to Fact Cat records in 2013, they take influence from the gloriously dark and 90’s sound of PJ Harvey and The Breeders, and combine it with heavy pop riffs and beautifully smooth vocals. Their debut album was released in 2014, and their second album, Babes Never Die, came out last year. Stina talks to Gabriella about life as Honeyblood, who you can catch at this years Live at Leeds Festival on Saturday 29th April!

Where did the name Honeyblood come from?

The name comes from a Halloween costume that I made, which was just when I started writing the songs for Honeyblood. I was playing in another band that was playing on Halloween, and I didn’t have a costume so I made some blood out of a mixture of stuff, which I called Honeyblood – it had honey in it and food dye and cornflower. I poured it into a two litre bottle and I just swigged it about on stage when I was singing and sort of spat it onto the audience, and that’s where Honeyblood came from
hbportraits-2flat-webHow would you describe your music to new listeners?

I would describe it as noisy pop. We’re really trying to keep things as simple as possible and have a strong melodic sense to every song, but we definitely make a lot of racket for just two people.

What bands do you take inspiration from?

The defining bands that made it for me are The Breeders and PJ Harvey. Me and Cat share a love for Britpop, stuff that we grew up listening to, so Blur and things like that we both enjoy and feed into our influences.

babesIs there a specific reason why you chose the title Babes Never Die for your new album?

Yeah, it’s a stupid thing that I kept on saying to people, for years and years and years, and if I was ever a bit drunk in a pub or something… it’s sort of my call to arm. Not fighting talk, because there’s no way I would ever get in a fight, but you know when you’re with your mates in a pub and get all riled up? That’s where the saying came from. I then stupidly got it tattooed on my body, and then I wrote a song called Babes Never Die, then called the album it so it’s kind of something that’s really stuck. At the time, when I decided to call the album this, I think people were like oh. What does that mean? But, since the album has come out, the response from it, and people getting the ideology behind it was so lovely because I wasn’t just this creep who has this saying. People really got it so I’m really happy that I could share that.

Are you looking forward to playing Live at Leeds?

Oh yeah, I had a look at the line-up, loads of our mates are playing and there’s loads of good bands. I’m really excited to see Superfood because I haven’t seen them in years and they’ve got a new album out. There’s so many people playing – The Magic Gang too. There’s a lot of bands who are really busy as well, so it’s exciting that they can do this festival too.

Have you got any more festivals lined up or any more gigs for this year? What are your plans?

Well, we’re about to go to Australia at the end of March. We are doing a massive 30 date UK tour, which is the first time we’re going to Wales and Ireland, and doing a proper tour of Scotland which amazingly we have never done before. Then in between that we’ll be doing Live at Leeds and loads of other festivals – Dot to Dot we’re doing – and then we’ll be doing our biggest headline show ever which is going to be at Coco in London – that’s the next six months for us!

Stina: Quick Fire Questions

Favourite band? The Breeders

First album bought? You know I could say something really cool but I don’t think it is – probably Britney Spears. Then probably The Cure, I remember being really into them when I was 12 or 13.

A song you couldn’t live without? Probably Chelsea Hotel by Leonard Cohen. It’s my ‘to sleep’ song.

Guilty pleasure? I just love Rihanna – is that awful?


If you want to see Honeyblood at Live at Leeds, get your tickets here! or check out their website for more details of their tour and where to find them




By Gabriella Quine




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