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Tyldum’s new sci-fi fantasy starring the talented Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt is a two-hour whirlwind space adventure. The plot revolves around 5000 passengers and 250 crewmembers, travelling from earth to inhabit a new planet, a journey that takes 120 years. The passengers travel in hibernation pods to their destination but when there is a malfunction within the chambers, two passengers awake 90 years early, leaving them in turmoil.

Despite the fact that Pratt and Lawrence dominate the movie as the only main characters, the good news is that they have the talent to somehow fill two hours with excitement, passion and suspense. Although the two make good leads, the first half hour is centred on Pratt’s character, leaving the audience a little frustrated with the lack of development within the plot; it is a relief therefore when Lawrence’s character emerges and the story evolves.

passengersThe chemistry between the two is palpable and adds a romantic aspect, which breaks the intensity and the isolation of the situation. The element of humour is found with Michael Sheen’s portrayal of the friendly barman Arthur who lightens the mood, and we find ourselves drawn to his friendly, unassuming demeanour, so much so that it is difficult to believe he is an android. We are reminded frequently of the desolate situation as the spaceship whirls through an infinite galaxy with years behind it and years ahead yet to travel.

For the technically minded, Sony’s predictions for future technology are tangible within the gadgets used, developing everything from medical apparatus to smart phones way beyond belief.

If for no other reason, go and take a look for Chris Pratt’s sculpted body, which leaves you open mouthed, along with Jennifer Lawrence’s undeniable beauty and incredible wardrobe, encapsulating futuristic fashion with everyday style.

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By Isobel Neilson-Clark

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