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New York from a whole new angle

Walk the city skyline from above on the High Line Park.

If you’re booking a trip this year, New York should definitely be in the running. There are thousands of articles on what you should get up to but inside the concrete jungle there is a little gem you might not know about – what’s waiting for you above the city is truly remarkable.

high-line-nyThe High Line is a beautiful garden, abandoned above ground railroad. You can walk it from tip to tip and see the city of New York from a whole new perspective.

If you have been to New York before or if you’re a complete newbie, the High Line is a great way to explore the city.

It starts at 11th Ave. and 30th Street in a plain concrete surrounded area with nothing special. But once you walk up those steps you are greeted by green plants and lovely designed walkways.

highlineYou go from one view to the next as you work your way to the end, which doesn’t come until 10th Ave. and 16th Street. You’ll have plenty of chances to grab food and you will see wonderful pieces of art painted on buildings. At many points there are stairs to go down to the street level to visit a place that caught your eye and once you have your fix you can work your way back up to continue your journey. It’s a wonderful breath of fresh air and greenery and even though it is still a busy spot, it grants a chance to relax and have a peaceful escape just a few stories above.

If you’re thinking of booking a holiday for the summer, you can also experience a variety of events on the High Line and if you fancy learning more about the history of the place then the walking tour is perfect. The tour is free and run by real experts in the field. They’ll tell you everything you need to know.

nyDuring the summer season, the park is open from 7am to 11pm so there is plenty of time to walk from one end to the next with stops along the way. Throughout the High Line walk, there is plenty to grab your attention. There are art pieces, viewing points and secret sculptures.

If it’s good views you are looking for, then 10th Avenue is a must stop. Here, many of the structure’s steel beams were removed creating an amphitheatre like space. This reveals views up 10th Avenue to the north, the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty in the south. Getting there whilst the sun goes down would definitely be a treat.

By Cat Talbot

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