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Be your own Barista with Nespresso!

We are definitely the coffee generation. We love all things coffee: coffee shops, coffee art, miss-spelt names on coffee cups. In fact, it’s a pretty fair bet that most people reading would willingly give up smoking, drinking, chocolate and other vices before they would give up a morning cup of the black stuff.


But as any coffee lovers will know, a cup at home is never as delicious or well presented as a cup brewed by an expert barista at your local coffee shop, right? Not anymore, as Nespresso launch their amazing new Creatista machine.

Georgie and I were invited to  become baristas for an evening at the launch of the fantastic Creatista Studio pop up in the Victoria Quarter. Grabbing our respective plus ones in the form of dutiful boyfriend Elliot and BFF Jess, we headed off to the historic arcade to see what Nespresso had in store for us.

The Creatista Studio Leeds 2

Greeted with a delicious glass of bubbles and some yummy canapés, we had a chance to have a good look at the Creatista and chat to expert Jonathan. If there is anything about coffee that Jonathan doesn’t know, trust me, it’s not worth knowing! Feeling a little foolish, I asked him to finally explain to me the difference between an Americano, white coffee, flat white coffee and latte, and then soaked up his expertise for the future of coffee with Nespresso and the Creatista.

CCP45866 2.jpg

Now, about the machine itself! The Creatista is a revolutionary coffee machine that fully allows you to bring the barista style coffee experience into your own kitchen. Teaming up with Sage by Heston Blumenthal, the Creatista is entirely unique, featuring a steam wand to perfect that milk froth so you can finally master the craft of latte art! Boasting a choice of 7 coffee selections (including 2 sizes of espresso, flat white, cappuccino and macchiato), your drink is entirely customisable with 3 milk temperature settings and 4 texture levels. These selections increase again with the Creatista Plus, making your drink even more carefully tailored.

coffee machineIt sounds a little scary, but the user interface is super easy, with an intuitive digital display guiding you through the coffee recipes and prompting your personalised selection. And don’t worry if you don’t know what temperature you like your milk- the Creatista suggests an ideal for all customisable settings from which you can experiment. The heat up time is 10 seconds or 3 seconds for the Plus, a truly astounding feature if you can picture yourself yawning and desperate for a cup of the good stuff – 10 seconds can be well spent grabbing your favourite mug and the milk out of the fridge. The machine itself is beautifully designed, and smaller than we expected making it a perfect addition to any kitchen without a tremendous amount of bulk. The steam wand is self purging so there’s no nasty build up of milk in the machine, and the drip tray is fully detachable making for easy clean up.

The latte art was the highlight of our evening, as the Creatista gives you the dense foam needed to make the designs. After a demonstration from our expert barista, we were all pitted against each other to try and recreate the beautiful heart-like design. Don’t be fooled, it may look easy on Instagram and YouTube, but latte art is a fine skill honed over many cups of coffee, as we learnt. Shout out to my personal barista Pierre who had the patience of a saint, and talked me through every step in the process. Check out some of our attempts:


What we lacked in artistic ability, we made up for in putting a positive spin on our disastrous attempts, and were crowned the winners of the evening, leaving with our very own Creatista machine! Safe to say, the Excelle office has been a coffee-making powerhouse over the last couple of days – we will master the latte art!

Nespresso is offering a really unique opportunity at the minute, as the pop up Creatista Studio stays in Leeds until the 26th March. The cosy, hygee inspired studio is the perfect place to visit, and try out the Creatista! Challenge yourself to master a latte art, and check out the machine for yourself before you buy! With the beautiful Nespresso store in Victoria Gate, there has never been a better time to treat yourself to a truly revolutionary machine and get that barista style buzz from the comfort of your own home!

By Ellie Howley


Check out the Nespresso Creatista for yourself!

Creatista Studio: 8th – 26th March

34 Queen Victoria Street (In the Victoria Quarter), Leeds, LS1 6AZ

Machine available from all reputable outlets, online and from the Creatista Studio.

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