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My Lush Skin Routine

Before I discovered Lush, my skin routine consisted of a Johnson’s make-up wipe and scoop of Nivea cream before bed. I’m sure we’ve all done it, crawled under the duvet after a long day only to remember you haven’t taken your make-up off and a packet of wipes are the only thing to hand. No one would blame you for doing this once or twice, but for me it was becoming a nightly routine and something had to change. That’s where Lush came in.

I’ve always tried to avoid products with a lot of chemicals in due to sensitive skin, so that fact that all of Lush’s cosmetics are made using natural ingredients was the reason a ventured into the store in the first place. After dabbling with a hand-full of bath bombs and the occasional body scrub I decided to move on to skin care. I’ve tried and tested a few of lush’s facial products, but I’ve picked my favourite three to share with you.

Herbalism fresh cleanser £7.25/ 100g

herbalism (sourced from pintrest)First up, Herbalism fresh cleanser. This is one of lush’s many dry cleansers and is used by adding a little water and mixing into a paste in the palm of your hand. The ground almonds and rice bran, which make up a large proportion of this product, act as a fantastic exfoliant without any abrasive and harmful beads. The smell is a little strange and isn’t as sweet or fruity as some of lush’s other products. However, I didn’t buy this for the smell, I bought it to cleanse and brighten my skin, and it certainly does just that.

Breath of Fresh Air toner water – £8.50/ 250g

I’ve nebreath of fresh air (sourced from pintrest)ver really used toners in the past but I found that ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ was a great place to start. Made with Spring Water, Fresh Sea Water, Fair Trade Organic Aloe Vera Gel and Rose Absolute, among other ingredients, this toner is so refreshing and really helps to balance my skin tone.

Vanishing Cream moisturiser – £18.95/ 45g

vanishing cream (sourced from pintrest)This one is a little pricier than the pervious products, but in my opinion its so worth it. I have combination skin so needed a product that moisturised my dry patches, but didn’t sit on the surface or over-load my skin. ‘Vanishing Cream’ is the perfect solution for me. The combination of natural oils softened my skin beautifully, but disappeared almost instantly, hence the name.

By Holly Molnar

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