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Marvel Universe Live

As a superhero fan, I was very excited to see what this show had in store. As we queued to get into the Sheffield Arena, my cousin was happily dancing around in his Captain America outfit, itching for the show to start.


The story follow the battle for the Cosmic Cube – the source of ultimate power, and one of the most feared and sought-after treasures in the Marvel Universe. With half computer animation and half live performance, the show first introduces Tony Stark and Spiderman, with instant action. The first half sees numerous Marvel favourites such as Captain America, Wolverine, Black Widow and Iron Man on a mission to collect the Cosmic Cube. With fight scenes and explosions packed in left, right and centre, neither you or the children know where to look.


After a short interval, the story continues as the mighty Thor has shattered the Cosmic Cube, in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. We are introduced to more Marvel characters, including some of my favourite bad guys from Spiderman, such as Dr Octopus, Hob Goblin and The Lizard. This results in an amazing fight scene with Thor and Spiderman, to get the last piece of the Cosmic Cube.

This amazing performance is definitely a must see! Equipped to entertain children (and parents) of all ages, I thoroughly enjoyed Marvel Universe Live. From seeing old characters to feeling the heat from explosions, this performance had everything, and I would definitely go and see it again!

You can find out when Marvel Universe Live is touring next and buy your tickets here.

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