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Donna’s Column: For the Body you Deserve

In the coming weeks I want to show you how to get the figure you’d Untitled.pnglove. If like many women, there are parts of your body you would like to change, I’ll be showing you how easy that can be. No expensive equipment or personal trainers necessary, stick with me to find out how you can tighten, tone and strengthen your body.

Losing surplus inches from all the right places does not mean training like an athlete. In fact, I expect most women will lose a dress size in the first few weeks. Working with Slimmers for more than 35 years has taught me that anyone can lose weight and achieve the figure they deserve. Of course I’ve heard all the reasons (and excuses) why weight loss is impossible. “It’s my metabolism that’s to blame” is a popular one. “A sluggish Thyroid” is another, as is “It’s my genes”. Others blame the Pill or medication, depression and the aftermath of pregnancy. In my experience however, the only thing that will stop you achieving the figure you want is yourself.

Only when we truly accept that we really can lose the excess weight will we begin to make the changes necessary for success, and as long as we harbour the thought that something other than ourselves is stopping us from achieving results, we will never be able to apply ourselves to the task as wholeheartedly as we should.

So the first thing we must do is to put our head in order. We need to dismiss all negative thinking and adopt the positive mind set that “I can and will lose the weight”. Once you have the conviction that you can achieve the result that you want, you will be ready to do what it takes, and no little set back is going to give you the excuse to give up.

When I meet up with a potential Slimmer for the first time, I pose the following questions:

  1. Does your weight make you unhappy?
  2. Do you really want to lose weight?
  3. Are you ready to stop making excuses and putting off getting started?
  4. Are you ready to make the changes and minor sacrifices that will be necessary?

If you can honestly answer yes to those questions, you’re ready to join me on an exciting, life changing journey – let’s make no mistake that this will be a life enhancing experience, physically and mentally.

Losing your excess weight will allow you to love yourself again. Your confidence and self esteem will transform the person that you are. Your personality and joie de vivre will return, and you will be a happier and more positive person in every way. You will sleep better and have twice the amount of energy to enjoy life.

Losing weight can add years to your life. Life expectancy increases dramatically when we lose excess weight as the risk of early mortality is diminished, with those excess pounds also taking with them the increased risk of heart attack, stroke, thrombosis, respiratory disease, some cancers and diabetes. And even if your excess weight has yet to become obesity, there is always the possibility that it will!

So if you are ready to start the journey, here is how it works

I will be passing on tips for you to incorporate into your lifestyle, including dietary suggestions and simple exercises for you to practise in the bedroom each morning. Some will be obvious, but we hope that you’ll find some surprising and enjoyable ones!

If you are ready to give it a go let’s begin

Start by recording your weight on the bathroom scales. This is essential so that you know what is happening to your weight each week. How often you weigh yourself is up to you. some experts and slimming clubs tell you that you should only weigh yourself on the same day once a week. They are afraid that weighing yourself more often could make you depressed as there will be days when you haven’t lost weight no matter how good you may have been.

Personally I have never subscribed to that opinion and most of my ladies have found that a daily weigh in motivates them to try harder for the rest of the day! Even though you won’t be losing weight every day, it will be nice to see that you have not gained any since the day before. And when occasionally you are a pound heavier than yesterday, (probably fluid retention!) it may inspire you to try even harder. After all, waiting seven days to find out how you are doing seems an awful long time!

Set your self a realistic weight loss target. Some of my ladies manage a 2lb a week loss which means that they are going to lose half a stone each month. For those with a lot to lose this is quite encouraging and equates to losing six stone in a year! But even a 1lb per week weight loss amounts to losing 4 stone in a year which would be pretty impressive for most slimmers.


Finally, here is your diet tip for the week. From today, I want you to use a small dinner plate. If you don’t already have one, treat yourself to a new one which is easily identifiable as yours. Tell the family they touch it at their peril. Studies have shown that when you use a smaller plate you eat less! Try it and see! Smaller portions are a great way to start your new regime.

See you next time.

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