Get the most out of your small garden!

Although many people dream of having a bigger garden, smaller gardens can be pretty if designed properly. They are easier to maintain, and minor changes can make a big impact on your garden.

Make your lawn an attractive main feature by landscaping your grassy area into a distinctive shape and keeping it well maintained. Or you may wish to remove your grass completely and replace it with gravel or decking.

round gardenThere is a range of plants that you can decorate your garden with and won’t take up much room, leaving you with enough space to enjoy the rest of your garden. Choose hard working plants, for example, Euonymus Alatus or Pulmonaria Officinalis, that earn their place and look good all year round, meaning they are low maintenance and you don’t have to worry about having to prune them on a regular basis.

Planting hanging baskets leaves space extra space for furniture below, and tiered planters will also maximise the ground space you have available for planters and herb boxes, leaving your garden looking tidy all year round.hanging basket
Not being able to have trees in a small garden is a misconception! Plant smaller trees like Arbutus unedo Strawberry tree, Prunus Shogetsu Japanese flowering cherry or a Malus domestica ‘Spartan’ Spartan tree, that you can start off growing in a plant pot.

Patio containers and window boxes are fantastic for growing seasonal plants and flowers or herbs.


For more inspiration on how to design your small garden head to Excelle’s Pinterest!



By Georgie Dias

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