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Get Out

Before I go to see a film, I’m one of those people who has to check the reviews online – I’m a poor student and can’t afford to be spending £8 on a ticket at Vue if the film is terrible! I’m also used to the standard convention of horror movies being mediocre at best, so when I went to check out the reviews for Get Out, I was surprisingly shocked to find that it had receive a 99% out of 100 rating on Rotten Tomatoes, my go to film review site. Excited about the prospect of this horror, we booked to see it the following weekend.

A heads up – there may be some spoilers below – but I will do my best to avoid as many as possible!

GetOut_IL2Get Out is the directorial debut of American actor Jordan Peele and follows the story of black photographer Chris, who goes to visit his wealthy girlfriend, Rose’s parents for the first time. Upon arrival, he notices that all of Dean and Missy’s (Rose’s parents) groundskeepers and servants are black, and as the night goes on, he continues to notice strange behaviour on Walter and Georgina’s part, including Walter running at high speeds on the grounds.

Following the parent’s annual dinner party, many older visitors begin to take an interest in Chris. What follows is the realisation that the only black people at the party belong to the very people taking an interest in Chris – and all are slaves hypnotised by Rose’s mother to keep them hostage. What’s more is that Rose is aware of her parents intentions and brought Chris in order for family and friends to bid on him and do the same. Will Chris escape?

Film Title: Get OutTo say it is Peele’s directorial debut, Get Out truly lives up to its expectations. It’s jumpy, smart, hilariously funny and keeps you off your seat until the very end, with twists and turns that you would not expect. It’s worth the £8 spent to watch it, and if it doesn’t win some form of award in 2017, I will truly be shocked. A wonderful film, that I would happily pay to watch again.

Reviewed by Gaby Quine

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