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Favourite item in my make-up bag

We all have that one item in our make-up bag that we can’t live without. That one product that if we run out of all hell breaks loose, and our daily routine goes out the window. Excelle asked its staff and contributors what make-up item they couldn’t live without. Read on to see what they said.

Georgie – Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, £6.99


As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of make-up, so the make-up I do wear on a day-to-day basis has become a must in my daily routine. However, the one product in my make-up bag that I cannot go a day without wearing would be Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer. Since I don’t wear foundation, this concealer works a treat in hiding any bags or blemishes. It’s not sticky or clumpy, and matches my skin tone perfectly.  I  work part-time as a waitress in a busy restaurant, so most of my nights are spent running to and from a hot kitchen, and even though I was sweating, I didn’t feel like my make-up was sliding off my face. I absolutely love this product and it makes my skin look fabulous, and is really easy to apply. If you don’t use all the liquid that you’ve clicked out, don’t worry because within my four years of using this concealer, I have never seen it dry out! It’s small, compact and definitely a must buy!

Ellie – Max Factor’s Facefinity Compact, £10.99

maxfactorcompact03natural-3Finding a good foundation can be a bit of an ordeal – with so many brands out there, it’s hard to know exactly how the £3.99 product from Xtras will perform different to La Prairie’s Skin Caviar at £154.99. A few years ago, I stumbled across Max Factor’s Facefinity Compact thanks to a 3 for 2 deal across Max Factor cosmetics. I actually bought this thinking it was a setting powder during a particularly oily skin stage and haven’t looked back. Having fairly normal skin with a tendency towards an oilyish nose, I can be quite flexible with my foundation choices. That being said, I can imagine this product would not be completely suitable for individuals with dry skin.

At £10.99 it is a little more expensive than powders, but generally about average for high street foundations. I use this product in two ways – it gives a great light-medium coverage as a day foundation, and applied with a fairly creamy texture. On nights out or when I need heavy coverage, using this powder over a liquid or cream foundation means my make-up will not budge, no matter how much I put it through! In high street foundations, I haven’t found such a versatile, buildable, value-for-money product, and my make-up bag wouldn’t be complete without it!

Amanda – Garnier B.B roll on, £9.99 

blogda-smdi-011Garnier B.B is an roll on for under the eyes, it helps reduce those dark circles and bags, and helps to hydrate and conceal signs of fatigue around your eyes. The use of this product is an absolute must for me! It’s the first thing I pull out of my make-up bag in the mornings. I find it rehydrates the skin fairly quickly, and makes my eye area feel less puffy and much tighter. I even feel convenient enough to do a supermarket dash without having a full face of make-up, and not panicking anyone will see me and ask me if I’m feeling under the weather!

Gabrielle – Clinique Anti Blemish Set, £18

clinique-gaby-quineOkay, so it’s a set of three – the anti-blemish cleansing foam, clarifying lotion and moisturiser set from Clinique, but they work harmoniously together, I couldn’t just choose one! The price is a little steep – at £18 for each individual 100ml bottle – but my theory is that if you want results, you do have to pay a little bit more. Before buying this, I was suffering with an extreme skin problem, probably due to uni stress and eating my weight in chocolate every day. My once almost flawless skin had been riddled with a spot outbreak worse than I ever had in my teenage years.

I bought a small gift set of the three, for £25, perfect for if you’re unsure and not expecting results, as every other skin care product I used only made my skin worse! Yet, after only a few days, I could feel a difference. The foam also acts as make-up remover, and the clarifying lotion, acts more as a toner, is used before you put on the moisturiser, leaving your skin feeling tight and fresh all day. However, be careful with the amount of moisturiser you use, I was making the mistake of using too much, leaving combination skin like mine feeling slightly cloggy. All you need is less than a pea-sized amount, and it will cover your face nicely. I could not recommend this more! And after only two weeks of usage, I am already seeing a huge, dramatic impact in my skin, and I’m starting to feel much more confident without make-up already.

Isobel – Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, £59

isobel-hourglassOver the course of 2016 one brand of eye shadow caught my eye, with its luxe packaging and incredible formulation of every product it released, Hourglass just can’t seem to put a foot wrong at the moment- it’s even animal cruelty free!

The ambient lighting palette has taken my heart, a little trio of powders which illuminate the face and give it that radiance that every women dreams of, and craves in the winter months. Additionally it is particularly good for mature skin. Although the price tag is a little steep, you only need to use the tiniest amount, just swirl your brush across the palette, and make people glare in envy as you glow all day.

Cat – Bourjois, Rouge Edition Velvet: Shade 03 Hot Pepper, £8.99


This has been by go to lipstick of 2016 and it’s staying firmly in my make-up bag for this year too. I am a strong lover of a bold lips but finding a lipstick that lasts the distance can be a nightmare. This certainly isn’t lying when it says 24hr hold. At £8.99 you’re definitely getting a lipstick with stay power. With a matte finish that looks gorgeous, it quickly became my handbag essential for those times that you need that Wow Factor. It’s not too bulky either so it’s the perfect size to slip in your clutch for a Saturday night out.

Holly –Urban Decay MOONDUST Eyeshadow Palette, £35


This product is one for all the glitter lovers out there. I, myself, can’t get enough sparkle, which is why the Moondust Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay is my favourite product from 2016. I originally ventured into Urban Decay in the hopes of snapping up a naked eyeshadow palette, but was instantly drawn to Moondust when its eight stunning metallic shades caught my eye. For a very reasonable price of £35 I snapped it up instantly, and couldn’t wait to start using it. Each shadow is beautifully soft and glides on effortlessly, with no chunky bits of glitter. Plus, all the shades are highly pigmented so only a little is needed and it lasts all night, (especially when teamed with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer). I also found that the colours can be layered easily and I especially like using the ‘Specter’ shade on top of darker eyeshadow to add a subtle shimmer to any look.


What’s your favourite item in your make-up bag?




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