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Donna’s Column: For the Body you Deserve

untitledIn my last column, you might have been surprised when I suggested cardio activity such as jogging, cycling and swimming will have little effect on your weight. I explained that jogging for an hour or more may burn 700 or 800 calories, but with 3,500 calories in each pound of stored fat, this extensive cardio session may have little effect on the scales.

The only exercise which is going to have a significant affect on your weight are those exercises aimed at ‘switching on’ dormant muscle fibres, which will burn huge amounts of calories, even while we sleep.

The added bonus of switching on more dormant muscle fibres is that we will lose inches too as our muscles are the body’s natural corset. Of course it is exercise rather than diet which determines where we lose the inches from so I will be including both a diet and an exercise Tip in my columns. Each exercise is designed to ‘resist’ the muscles as only resistance exercise (not cardio) will switch on dormant fibres.


If you've followed my tips to cut down on portion sizes and bread
you will already be seeing some weight loss and this week!
Carry on doing this and it will soon be a lot easier - your stomach
will be shrinking, making you feel fuller with less food!

Now I want you to increase your intake of water! This has 2 benefits:

1) By drinking more water before a meal, you will feel a lot fuller
without eating as much! Try it - it makes SUCH a difference.

2) Studies have shown that when we feel hungry, it is often actually
dehydration. Drinking more water (8 glasses a day is recommended), 
these feelings of hunger which cause you to snack between meals 
can stop!

Toning up the Triceps muscles at the back of the upper arms will get 
rid of ‘Bingo Wings’.

Stand with your back to the seat of a solid chair (one that won’t 
tip over). Put your arms behind you and grip the top of the chair 
with your thumbs touching.

Now lower your bottom towards the floor by bending your knees and 
your elbows. Once your thighs are horizontal with the floor hold 
this position for the count of seven before straightening your legs 
back to the starting position.

Repeat this exercise 10 or 12 times the first week then increase by 
one rep each week or as much as you can manage.

Till next time


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