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Donna’s Column: For the Body You Deserve


untitledThis week I want to show you that you don’t need to do loads of cardio to lose weight! Ask most people what they need to do to burn calories, and they’ll picture jogging, swimming, cycling – any activity that gets your puffing and raises the heart rate.  Visits to conventional gyms usually see people pounding out the miles on a treadmill or exercise bike, and you can almost guarantee most will say they do this to lose weight!

The sad truth is that Carido is not going to help! Doing cardio is great for your aerobic fitness, energy levels and reducing risk of health issues such as heart attacks, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and thrombosis. So there are definitely plenty of reasons to include some cardio into your daily life, but if you’re expecting it to result in weight loss, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

The trouble with cardio is how few calories it burns – run for an hour at an 8 minute/mile pace (no mean feat!) and you will have burned less than 800 calories. Considering there are 3,500 calories in every pound of stored fat on the body, a huge amount of running is required to lose even a pound of weight! Realistically, short of giving up work and training every day like a professional athlete, it is near impossible to run off your excess pounds.

So if cardio doesn’t do it, what does?

The answer is to perform exercises which will switch on dormant muscle fibres because switched on muscle fibres burn extra calories 24/7. Yes, even while we sleep! In each column starting today, I will suggest an exercise that you can do to switch on more dormant muscle fibres and eventually, you will have turned your body into a Fat burning machine!

And there is an added benefit to switching on muscle fibres. Not only will you be losing weight but your muscles will soon start to look more toned and when that happens you will be losing inches from all the right places.

(It would be a good idea to tell your GP that you intend to begin an exercise regime and diet).


Stand with feet apart, lean forward and grip the back of a chair for support.

Now exhale and pull your tummy muscles up and in as hard as you can. Hold that position for up to seven seconds before you relax your 
tummy and breath normally again.

Repeat this exercise up to eight times and then increase the number 
you do over the coming days until you can manage 20 repetitions. You could feel a little muscle soreness the first few times, that is only natural, but as your tummy muscles get stronger this will soon pass. Repeat this exercise each morning and within a couple of weeks you 
will see the difference. A flatter tummy is a great way to start.

Our last diet tip was to cut back on your portion sizes by using a 
smaller plate. This week I want you to cut out bread and anything made with flour. Not only will this reduce bloating and help to flatten the tummy, but it is the easiest way I know to reduce your calorie intake. So, fill up on vegetables and give flour a miss.

Till next time.


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