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Create your own outdoor cinema

Although the dullness may suggest otherwise, Summer is almost here. Lighter nights and slightly warmer weather mean that we can start to spend evenings in the great outdoors again, as opposed to being cooped up in front of the TV.

That being said, wouldn’t it be great if you could still watch your favourite shows and films, while taking advantage of the warm spring evenings? A do-it-yourself outdoor cinema could be the answer.

After roaming Pinterest, probably for a little too long, we’ve found some of our personal favourites that have filled us with inspiration to create our very own outdoor movie extravaganza, and hopefully you will be inspired to!

Pillows and blankets seem to be popular choice for many of the outdoor cinemas, and we have to say they do look incredibly comfy. Plus, it’s very easy to go around your house and collect up every cushion, pillow, duvet and blanket you own and lay them in your garden.

How is it that fairy lights manage to make everything look better? If you’re not lucky enough to have a huge tree in the middle of your garden, try wrapping the lights around your washing line instead, or simply draping them across the lawn.17792691_10208987509265776_1031647017_n

You can’t go to the cinema with out having some snacks, so don’t forget the popcorn and sweets!

By Holly Molnar

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