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Creamy Mushroom Linguine

This recipe is a lifesaver if you’re craving. I made this dish during my dabble with veganism, and although it is vegan friendly, the taste of the sauce is similar to a chicken stroganoff (must be all the tasty stock). It’s very filling and goes perfectly with┬árice, tofu, pasta or basically, whatever you fancy! Let me know what you think!



1/2tsp of French Mustard

2 Leeks


1 white onion

Button Mushrooms

Vegan Cream Cheese

Tomato Paste


Soy sauce

Veg stock

1tbsp flour

Salt and Pepper



Mixed Herbs

Spinach (optional)


Sweat onions, garlic and leek in a pan.

Add mushrooms, salt, pepper, mixed herbs, paprika, 1tbsp flour, veg stock, water, French mustard, thyme, Soy sauce.

Give it a good stir and bring to the boil.

Add more salt and pepper, cream cheese, spinach, marmite and tomato paste.

While this is bubbling away, in a separate pan stir fry straight to wok udon noodles

Add to sauce and stir thoroughly.

Once all heated through, enjoy!

By Georgie Dias

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