An idiot’s guide to MOT and Servicing

I’m all for being an independent woman, but when it comes to car mechanics, I am stereotypically ignorant. My driving skills and knowledge of how cars function have pretty much become a standing joke amongst anyone who meets me, so as the one year anniversary of buying my first car approaches (Happy Birthday Tims!), I faced the dreaded call reminding me that my MOT and service were due.

I do know they’re important, and the failure of one (or maybe both?) can result in the car being declared unfit which is something I am not eager to see. As the girl who was forced to pull over and douse her dirty windscreen with a can of Sprite because I didn’t know how to open the bonnet and fill the washer fluid, I figured that learning the basics could only be a good thing. So here it is! An idiot’s (and I do mean an idiot’s) guide to MOT and servicing!

The reliable internet has informed me that 40% of cars fail their MOT, and it seems that the world and his wife have a story about being ripped off by a garage. Motorparks have made this amazing checklist, so if your car can tick all these boxes, you’ll likely be okay! I checked mine with this, and only had to change a windscreen wiper to pass!mot

By Ellie Howley

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