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Amazing pictures in seconds

Ever since the 1940s when the first instant camera was invented, people all around the world have loved, enjoyed, and captured amazing photographs that were printed out within seconds. Recently back in fashion, but with a new design, Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camerainstaxs are available in so many different shops and online for around £79

I was brought up with cameras. There are thousands of pictures of me as a child; hundreds of photo albums showing my goofy smile, and orange curly locks. My dad has a collection of cameras: old ones, new ones, broken ones. A photography lover, who passed his passion down on to me

A few years ago, I noticed a lot of people were posting pictures of these new instant cameras on Instagram and I was instantly intrigued.

What were they? Why did they look like they were made of dough? Where can I get one?
It was not until the Christmas just gone when I finally got my hands on this particular camera. At first, it took me a while to understand how it worked. I’m one of those people who looks at the instructions for about three seconds, and thinks “I can figure this out for myself”. Eventually, I did. I nervously took my first Polaroid picture of the Christmas tree and it came out looking pretty good. I really like the look of the photos once they have developed as they have a sort of vintage filter on them.

instax-picsThe main problem with these cameras is probably the lighting. If you don’t get the lighting perfect, the pictures will come out looking either too dark, too bright, or just a mess. Selfies are also hard to get right. You know when you take about 156 selfies on your phone to choose the right one to post on social media? Yeah. You can’t do that with an instant camera, obviously. Once you have clicked the capture button, there is no turning back. Minus the fact that the film is quite expensive, you can buy extra equipment to put onto the camera, such as a mirror, to help take that perfect polaroid portrait.

Overall a fantastic product, and a great twist on the original polaroid camera!


By Charlotte Bowles

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  1. I totally agree on the lighting issue here. Particularly with instax but I have even expereienced this with Leica too. Overall, great roundup post. I love analogue photography 🙂

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