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Ain’t no party like a Sausage Party

A great film disguised as a gross-out comedy. Sausage Party takes on some pretty big themes (belief and religion, gender identity and sexuality, altered states) all the time eschewing the usual naval-gazing that people employ to investigate the big issues, in favour of crude humour and off-the-scale profanity. Seriously, The South Park Movie was sweary but Sausage Party almost certainly outdoes it. So, what’s it about?

In some kind of altered dimension – alluded to within the film – anthropomorphic food items and other consumables take up shelf space in an American shopping mall, desperate to be chosen by the ‘Gods’ and taken to ‘The Great Beyond’ where they’re convinced nothing remotely bad can happen to them.

Our hero, Frank (a hotdog sausage) and his girlfriend Brenda (a hotdog bun) break the rules and almost immediately find themselves courting disaster as trolleys collide, dumping them in a hellish warzone. Brenda blames herself and is convinced that the ‘Gods’ are punishing them, whereas Frank begins to doubt the existence of ‘The Great Beyond’ altogether. Joined on the road by battling bread products Sammy Bagel Junior and Karim Abdul Lavash, and later by Teresa del Taco, Frank and Brenda must fight for their lives whilst uncovering the truth.

sausMeanwhile, Frank’s old friend Barry (a deformed sausage) has a parallel adventure in ‘The Great Beyond’ where he discovers the horrible truth first hand, as all his fellow groceries are slaughtered by a ‘God’. One particularly harrowing scene features baby carrots being snacked on! ‘Children! They’re killing children!’ screams one doomed sausage. Making some desperate new friends (including a jedi-styled toilet roll and Stephen Hawking re-imagined as a discarded lump of bubblegum) along the way, Barry and Frank are destined to reunite and battle for their lives and, indeed, the life of everyone they know! The film has great pace (you could be watching a Spielberg film if it wasn’t for the excessive F-bombing!), is intelligent in its way and contains one of the weirdest food orgies ever consigned to film. It was definitely my movie of 2016. An underrated and instant classic and one not to be missed.

Reviewed by Stu Teale

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