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A new way to look after your hair

Trips to the hair salon tend to follow the same routine for me, first I apologise 100 times to my hairdresser for leaving it so long, warn her that it’s been ‘quite a while’ since my last cut, and then wince as she scrutinises the dead ends of my hair – dead ends which always extend at least 2 inches further than they should. We’ll agree to cut as little as possible, and I waltz out with much shorter, happier and healthier hair. I always promise to book again in eight weeks time, before forgetting for another six months – and so the cycle continues.

NO MORE. The latest trip, and a frank discussion about the risks of highlighting my hair, while still so damaged booted me into gear: my hair will be in good condition. With my next appointment booked in advance, I hurried to Superdrug to pick up the product of the moment: Argan Oil.

Hailing from Morocco, Argan Oil is praised for being a wonder-tool in hair and skincare. With oily roots and dry ends I had misgivings about adding oil to my hair, but the promise of stronger, shinier locks had me tempted. The bottle itself is lovely, with the rich honey coloured oil looking far more expensive than it was. Also a nice touch was the closing and locking lid meaning it’s easy to pop in your bag when on the move.


The smell isn’t particularly strong. I’d describe it as ‘hair salony’ if that makes any sense – clean, fresh but not overpowering or particularly distinct. The consistency is a little runnier than expected, so don’t be too heavy handed when squeezing the bottle.

The directions say to rub a small amount through towel-dried hair and then style as normal. Wanting a more thorough application, I’ve taken to running some of the oil along the teeth of a comb, and then running it through my hair from about half way down – this is great as I know I’m getting good coverage on the ends without overloading my already oily roots.

Six weeks after starting to use Argan Oil, and my hair is noticeably shinier, stronger and less knotty. Even the day after washing my hair,  it feels much more nourished and in better condition. I’ve even started rubbing a little in my hands and running it over my hair after styling to tame flyaways and add shine.


I managed to get the OGX Extra Nourishing Moroccan Argan Oil on offer at £4, but it’s usually priced between £4.99 and £11.99. It’s available Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets, and lasts – three months on, and I’ve only used about a third of the bottle!

So to inject a bit of life and TLC into your hair in this cold weather, I would definitely recommend Argan Oil for a luxurious (and inexpensive!) treat!

By Ellie Howley

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