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A little Rosehip goes a long way…

Suffer from acne? Tired of looking… well… tired? Wishing you just looked a little more youthful? Here’s a small skin care hack that might just save your skin. Rosehip oil delivers nourishment and repair for every skin type, so if you have any skincare qualms, turn to this for a bit of TLC. 100% organic and no chemicals or preservatives means its safe for anyone to use, even pregnant women.

trilogy_100__natural_certified_organic_rosehip_oil_20ml_1376055116My favourite thing about this little bottled gem is it’s ability to heal scarring. Acne sufferers will know the relief once you get rid of your breakouts, what’s not so relieving is the scars left behind. This stuff does wonders for red marks and blemishes left by those painful break outs, without clogging the pores causing more nasty spots. It even has anti ageing properties, meaning its perfect for mature skin that needs a boost in hydration, and can reduce any fine lines starting to show.

However it’s healing doesn’t stop there , got an unfortunate wax burn? Apply some of this to the area every few hours; the burn will be healed in two days. Another great thing is the radiance it gives your skin instead of a greasy look, meaning it can also be used as a makeup base to give that ‘lit from within glow’ that we all crave in the winter months.

image007Application is easy; dispense one or two drops onto the back of a clean hand, take two fingers and press the oil to warm it (it absorbs easier into the skin this way), and then massage onto your face. Once oil is applied, use your fingers to massage back over your face so the oil feels fully absorbed and not just sitting on top of your skin.

Although the little bottle may seem expensive, prices’ vary from £14.99 to £30.00. Remember, a little goes a long way (for reference 20ml has lasted me over three months and I’m not even 1/3 of the way down a bottle). So go on, treat your skin; it’ll thank you later.


By Isobel Neilson-Clark

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