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Storing shoes in small spaces

We all have that one friend who has too many pairs of shoes – and if you’re sat there thinking that it’s impossible to have too many pairs of shoes, you may well be that friend.

Roaming Pinterest is a favourite pass-time here at office Excelle, and we’ve been finding our personal favourites of the best way to store our beloved shoes if you find yourself overspilling from drawers, multi-stacking in wardrobes and littering your shoes wherever you go!


Excelle loves these under the stair storage spaces! Think about how much extra wardrobe space you would have to… well, buy more shoes!


A simple but effective way to keep your shoes out of the way, Ikea have these great beds with trays and stylish boxes, for you to store your belongings.


Also available from Ikea, is this fantastic cupboard. Small enough to put in a corner, but big enough to fit all your shoes in. This looks super neat, and is very easily accessible!

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