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Vegan Friendly Tacos

This recipe is great if you’ve had a really long day at work and can’t be bothered to stand cooking for an hour. It’s fast, easy and tastes delicious. I was so happy when I discovered Linda McCartney’s vegan and vegetarian range. It really opened up my food options, so by using the vegetarian beef burrito mix (yes it’s vegan friendly!) I was able to create a delicious meal!



Linda McCartney’s Frozen beef burrito mix


Tin of sweet corn





Salsa ingredients:


Salt and pepper

1 Avocado

1 Spring onion

1 red onion (or sweet onion)


Garlic salt

Salt and Pepper

Lime juice


In a pan sweat onions, garlic, salt and pepper

Add sweetcorn (no need to drain) and peppers (There is some in the burrito mix already, I added extra).

Add the frozen beef burrito mix and leave to cook, stirring occasionally.

Making the salsa:

Roughly chop Avocado, spring onion, red onion, tomato, salt and pepper and mix together in a bowl

Add garlic salt and lime juice and mix thoroughly

Create your tacos and top with salsa!


By Georgie Dias

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